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Integrity Selling

What is Integrity Selling® ?

Integrity Selling® is a behavior change process planted in strong ethics and values. It is made up of these learning modules:

  • A six-hour seminar
  • A pre-program sales skills inventory
  • An eight-week follow up course
  • A post-program sales skills inventory
  • Six advanced monthly meetings
  • Optional ongoing Integrity Coaching® process

This whole curriculum is designed to teach you a customer needs-focused sales system that helps you, over time, develop unconscious habits of selling the way customers want to buy. Most sales training fails, because it doesn’t address the real causes of sales success.

Integrity Selling® does!

“You can’t teach people to sell by teaching people to sell!”
Ron Willingham, Integrity Systems Founder

What are the Real Causes of Sales Success?

After having over 1 ½ million graduates in 80 countries, we have uncovered Four Core Traits that are most predictable of sales success. They are:

  1. Strong Goal Clarity
  2. High Achievement Drive
  3. Healthy Emotional Intelligence
  4. Excellent Social Skills

To the extent that you possess these traits, you sell well. Increase them, and you sell on higher levels.

Of course these four traits are not learned intellectually, but are the by-product of our lifelong beliefs triggering our emotions and motivating our actions.

Most training only gives you knowledge, but selling is 85% emotional and only 15% logical. To be effective, we must go deeper and change habits, behaviors, and deep self-beliefs.

How do we work with you?

Rather than attempting to sell you a sales training program, we do a needs assessment to find out if there’s a gap between where your sales currently are and where you’d like them to be. If, together, we identify a gap, we’ll want to discuss how filling, or bridging, the gap will help you. If and only if, it’s determined we can help you bridge a defined gap, we will recommend a solution to you.

Frequently, we may suggest that we establish a one-on-one coaching relationship using the tools and resources of the Integrity Coaching® system. This program is tailored to the unique needs of each individual and is highly effective as well as affordable.

Integrity Selling

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